We're in the people business, serving coffee.

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Social Impact

As good neighbours, we get involved with local efforts to bring people together and create positive change whenever we can.

Community Service

We're inspiring partners (employees) and customers a like to get involved in their communities through innovative volunteering programs

Youth Action

We're tapping into the natural potential of young people - empowering them to use their creativity and innovation to have a positive impact in their communities.

Our Partner NGOs

Stabucks is committed to doing business reponsibly and proud to work with these not for profit organizations in helping communities thrive.

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  • | Environmental Stewardship
  • | Ethical Sourcing


Created to support
our commitment to
the community.

Started in 1997 by funding literacy programmes in the US and Canada.



Supporting Farmers and their Communities

Ethical Sourcing

We're committed to buying and serving the highest-quality, responsibly grown, ethically traded coffee to help create a better future for farmers.

Coffee Sourcing

Purchasing coffee that is responsibly grown and ethically traded.

Tea Sourcing

Supporting projects that help improve the livelihoods for producers of our distinctive Tazo® teas.


Recycling & Reducing Waste

Starbucks is committed to significantly reducing and diverting the waste our stores generate, and recycling is just one way in which we do this.

Energy Conservation

Energy use in our stores makes up roughly 80% of our entire carbon footprint

Water Conservation

Water is a precious natural resource, and using it reponsibly is essential to the continued success of our company.