My Starbucks Gift To You

Starbucks Gift Quote - Now You Can Give Your Free Drink To Someone Special In Just One Click Away

‘My Starbucks Gift To You’ is a new gifting option to the Starbucks Card. This attribute allows customers the advantage of transferring their Starbucks Card reward online to someone special in just one click away.

It depicts that moment as they share their earned incentives with whomever, wherever, whenever. Picture a young executive in Kuala Lumpur City wishing to share a moment of connecting with her parents who live across the South China Sea at Kuching - All she needs to do is log on to Starbucks website on her Smartphone or laptop, and transmit any amount of her reward to her parents. The gift also comes with a personalized message or a selected template. Her parents, on the receiving end, will be notified via email, and they’ll be able to redeem their gift at any of our stores in Kuching. It is a simple gesture that enriches our customers with a unique experience at a whole new level.

Click here to give your free drink to someone special.