Embracing the changing seasons, Starbucks is sharing the spirit of innovation with new, bold flavors and a renewed focus on cold craft. Starbucks is inviting customers to explore the approachable world of Starbucks cold craft with a range of spring beverages including the Triple Citrus Cold Brew and the Cascara Macchiato. Available in stores from 26 February 2019, these Starbucks Spring beverages are available hot or iced.

Leaning into creativity, Starbucks is introducing a citrus-forward coffee experience with the Triple Citrus Cold Brew for coffee enthusiasts who love a tangy hint in their coffee. Starbucks is also bringing back the delicious yet subtle notes of Cascara coffee, with the introduction of the new Cascara Macchiato. Experience the embodiment of all things new and fresh with: 

• NEW! Cascara Macchiato - Using every element of the coffee cherry, from bean to husk, the new Cascara Macchiato is topped with Cascara drizzle, bringing subtle notes of dark brown sugar and luscious maple into our classic espresso beverage. The Cascara Macchiato is available hot and iced.

• NEW! Triple Citrus Cold Brew- Starbucks is adding a splash of juicy citrus to its Cold Brew lineup - the Triple Citrus Cold Brew. This innovative beverage pairs classic Cold Brew with the tartness of citrus flavors (lemonade, lime and grapefruit), slow poured to create beautiful layers and artfully topped with a slice of dried lime, setting it up to be the most Instagrammable beverage of the season. The Triple Citrus Cold Brew is available iced only.